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Our Venue:

Apex GW Recycling Corp. 
97 E 2nd St Unit C
Bayone, NJ 07002-4255

Office :1-201-535-5280 
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Person in charge: Kenny Tan 


Apex GW Group ("Apex" as below) is located in Bayonne, New Jersey with warehouse over 34000 square feet. As a company concerning environment protection, cherishing resources and environment awareness, Apex spares effort to contribute to social environment by recycling those considered as plastic or metal scrap. 

Apex is interested in any kind of plastic scrap and metal scrap available in the market. In the past few years, Apex has developed connections for regenerating those scrap with partnership manufacturers and suppliers. 

Aware of customers concerned about scrap portage, transit or transportation, Apex provides professional One-Stop service including trucking and storage. Storage service helps to manage inventory and arrange export no matter is container or combine container.

To seeking for plastic or metal scrap (whatever you buy or sell), trucking service, warehouse for your goods, Apex is always your choice. 

Our Mission

We are an environmental awareness company that concerning environment protection, cherishing resources and contribute to the social environment. We are now interest in any Post-Industry Scrap Plastic or Rejection Plastic Products for the recycle purpose and metal scrap.
We have our new 34000 square feet warehouse in Bayonne, New Jersey and running for reclaiming and storage those Post-Industry Scarp Plastic and Rejection Plastic Products. We will much appreciate if you have any above mentioned plastic can be sold to us.